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How to Embrace Creativity With Kids?

Children and creativity are both innovator’s of the world.
Children are the ones who see human life now and have the ability to keep the generation going. 

On the other hand, creativity is one of the most important skills that contribute to thinking, planning, imagining and creating technology that furthers the need of others.
(I don’t mean a television, but the accessibility to enhancing ways of eating, transportation, etc.)

The mix with children and creativity have huge benefits.

Being an entertainer and working at a daycare for many years of my life; you see how a child’s imaginative needs to be evolved immediately.

They mimic the social world. They do what we do. Thus, before helping kids you need to evaluate yourself.

“They mimic the social world.”

1. Evaluation

Questions you need to ask yourself.

Have you created any limiting beliefs of your potential?
Are you misinformed about careers or activities?!
Do you tell your children,”It’s just how things are” when there can be a reason for it.

Questions like these will be hard for you to ask. It’s always better to ask someone else to answer them for you.

You could always ask your children if they think you are creative, too strict or too easy going. They will always be honest. Being in my psych courses though university, professors say children don’t have much of a capability to lie. They can only tell the difference between reality and the imagination.

“They can only tell the difference between reality and the imagination.”

After your evaluation, you will soon be able to open up your ways on how to expand your child’s creativity. Also being aware how you say and do things, you can alter your behaviour and take action with your child.

With all the next steps below, make sure you always evaluate and note down how your child responded to certain activities compared to others. It’s great to see where their strength’s and weaknesses are. There you can see which activities they need more of.

2. Skills

You need to develop some sort of teacher’s personality. Coaching your child is huge to help their creativity.

With the book called “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain” , Betty Edwards states on page 863 that creativity is actually a skill in the right side of the brain. If the right half is not developed enough, it lacks all the other skills. This list below shows how the left and the right side work in harmony. Hence, you will see how it’s crucial to develop the skill.


After you understand the importance of having equal knowledge of both halves, here are some activities that will help your child develop them.

  • Help them draw a picture upside down. You can draw a family picture or their favourite movie.

  • The continuous story. This is a game where one person says a few sentences and the other person continues it. Make it more interesting by timing them.

  • Let them listen to classical music. Let them tell you their mood and feelings. Then ask them to paint an abstract piece.

  • Role play a scenario and let them show you when they are done. Make it towards a situation where they need to solve it.

All exercises that makes children do visual activity already help them think outside the box. They will pull information from experiences, or the imagination that allow them further develop skills that will strengthen their analytic, logical or scientific side.

3. Mess

The hardest aspect of mentoring your children is the mess. EVERY PARENT HATES THIS. Trust me it’s a bomber.

But the real issue is we need to embrace most activities kids do. The reason why parents or adults hate the “mess” is because they are not sure on how to get around it.

“The reason why parents or adults hate the “mess” is because they are not sure how to get around it.”

If adults knew the main benefits of a “mess” it would be less daunting to do better and exciting activities.

The before, the middle and the end of ALL activities count. Don’t take out one or it could disturb their structure or fun.

When the mess of a fort, colouring on walls, or cutting their hair; stop and think what they will learn from it, how it could associate with a future career and what they could create afterwards.

Here are some recommendations that can make a mess less terrifying.

  1. If they made a fort: Ask how they made it and do a “guessing game” where they toys go. OR, join in on the fun. Embrace the mess with them; it’s usually pretty fun.
  2. If they coloured on the walls, be aware of this and get markers that are erasable. OR get colouring paints for the bathroom. Kids love colouring on walls so instead of removing this activity; promote in better and less damaging ways.
  3. If they cut their hair, tell them the skills which are required to cut hair and ask tell them to start practicing on their dolls. Informing them that it takes years to do any profession will make them feel more at east.

Lastly, when it’s clean up time. Tell them the benefits of cleaning up. If the toys aren’t put away, their brains will feel cluttered and they won’t be able to be that creative activity again. OR sing a song and do a game to see who puts the toys away the fastest.

End Result

Children want to become adults at a young age. We need to make sure they are discovering every little piece of their curiosity so they don’t wander off when they are older. That generally causes confusion or lack of motivation to fulfill their fullest potential.

Analyzing where they are at, perfecting their skills and encouraging the messy activity will all help their mini brains to perform better in school, their occupation or hobbies.

On the contrary, a unique way to get a child’s brain thinking is by traveling in your home town to the museum, parks or popular tourists spots.

Observation is crucial for children. They get to experience the chemistry of buildings, people and nature working all at once.

They see different colours, species and lighting through different shades, angles and compositions.

They will find how they fit in this world and their unique ways of helping them and others.

Keep creating with children and don’t underestimate the skills that the brains offers. They are all equally important. They contribute to our future of technology, occupations and life.

Jennifer Antonio
About the Guest Author:
“Jennifer Antonio, the creator of “Creative Boundless’ at www.creativeboundless.com who refers herself to Boundie” helps others to peruse creative mediums while being active . With her tagline, she hopes others see the benefits of doing activities you love without boundaries. She focuses on art, fitness, travel and entrepreneurship so you can have the best life ever :)” Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Google +
Tejas Mayekar Tejas Mayekar Author

How to Write an Exam Paper with a Creative Kick?

             How do scholar students score marvelous marks in exams? Your answer is probably - 'by studying hard.' Obviously, that's true but besides that what other things they do? Psst! I'm going to reveal some important tips about writing answer and paper presentation from Board Exams (SSC and HSC), colleges & University exams point of view. Let's dive in!

1. The Importance of Paper Presentation

             What matters the most in these subjective examinations? Pointwise answers and paper presentation! To be very honest, each examiner have more than 200 papers to correct in a limited time. That's why, many examiners just checks your answers with a quick look. Thus, It's really important to highlight the important points from the answers. Always try to make it easy for examiners to correct your papers so that they would easily able to see each necessary point of your answer. Now let's focus more on paper presentation.

2. Paper Presentation.

             A great paper presentation is always appreciated from examiners. Yep, I do agree it consumes some of your time but hey! It is really worth it. Follow these points to boost your presentation.
  • While writing long-type answers always, underline key points. There are loads of chances that the examiner would just look at your answer's key points and give you full marks. Afterall, they don't have unlimited hours to read long answers, do they? 

  • If a question is carrying 3 (or more) marks then you gotta write the answer along with a neat labelled diagram (If there's any diagram given in your textbooks) It becomes clear to the examiner that you know the concept very well and gives you marks without any hesitation.
  • Made a mistake while writing? STOP! Do NOT ruin your paper presentation by scribbling many lines on that particular word/sentence. Only one line is enough. By doing so, examiner may not even notice that you have made a mistake (Yay!)

  • As mentioned above, always write answers pointwise. You are not supposed to write an 'essay' while answering every single question. Determine the length of the answer from the indicated marks (Given on left hand side) of the question.
  • While labelling diagrams in Science as well as in any other subject make sure that all of your labelings are on one side.
  • To make web diagrams more attractive you can show off your creativity skills as shown in the picture Note that you are not allowed to design every bit your paper. (As per the rule of Maharashtra Board).

  • Keep this in mind - "If you do not remember every point of the answer, make it look better." High chances are, examiner would appreciate it and will not cut your marks.
  • In Geometry, Science and Algebra, draw a box with pencil around the formula. It looks quite premium and makes it easy for examiners to find the formula.

3.  Writing a Good Answer...

         The quality of your answer is really important. If you have written only the points that are essential, you will easily gain marks. But if you have written some extra points instead of the essential ones, you will lose your marks. To increase the length of your answers you can always take an example and explain whatever given in the question.
  •  As I've already stated in earlier point, diagrams are really important. Use a sharpened pencil to draw them. 
  •  Do NOT write point wise answers in any language papers (Like English, Marathi, French, Hindi.etc).
  • Your handwriting should be clean and understable.
  • Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Do NOT leave blank space, if you are not able to write a particular answer.

4. Other Factors that matters.

      To create a good impression on examiners/moderators, you need a better presentation and for a better presentation you need 'TIME'. That's right, you need enough time to follow all of these things mentioned above. Managing time while writing paper is easy if you solve various question papers. Keep pencils and scale just beside you while solving any question paper.

     Want to score 90% or above in exams? Be perfect while writing answers. Do not let any examiner to cut your marks for any reason. Do not forget to practice previous year's exam paper for boosting your confidence. By following all of these tips I scored 94% in SSC.

    You're all set to write any exam paper with a creative kick! If you think this article is helpful, please consider sharing it with your friends, fellow students.etc It will definitely benefit them. Got any questions? Ask them in the comments section. Thank you very much for reading! Have a Creative Day!  
Tejas Mayekar Tejas Mayekar Author

7 Snazzy Street Arts From Around The Globe

           Everybody likes to travel. In fact, most of the people travel every single day for different purposes. Whenever we roam around new places (especially in foreign countries), we come across various street arts. They pinpoint sweetness of creativity in street artist. So ladies and gentlemen, keep your eyeballs 'wide' open because you are going to witness some of the most snazzy street arts from around the world.

 The above graffiti represents one of the common problem that we are going to face in the future. Yep, you got it right! That's 'E-waste'. Technology is advancing very quickly so, it's pretty much obvious that the generation of electronic waste has increased and it will increase in near future.

(Image credit : IHeartstreetart.com)

HA! I know I don't need to elaborate this street art. It just expresses the 'major' problem of today's generation. (If you know what I mean).

This street art represents the beauty of nature and a lady. You see, the colour combination looks incredible. It's quite difficult to choose a specific colour combination for these kinds of street arts but here, the street artist have done a really good job.

In this graffiti, the street artist have scribbled a few animals with a creative punch. You cannot see them 'directly', you have to stare at it for a while to spot out all of them. It took me a couple of minutes to do so. How many can you spot out? Let me know in the comments section!

(Image credit : IHeartstreetart.com)

This street art shows one of the most common situation in our daily life. All of the credit goes to the one and only - Autocorrect.

The above graffiti is just simply awesome. You can not tell if it is a street art or an actual boy sitting on a bike with a quick look. But if you move the motorbike somewhere else, it would look quite weird, wouldn't it?

(Image credits : IHeartstreetart.com)

This is what happens when you mix up creativity with math. Basically, It's just simple math and art. This street art looks quite realistic because of 'shadow drop effect' (Just beside the lecturer). 

Finally, I would say It's quite interesting to see and understand the meaning behind various street arts. Don't forget to watch out for street arts when you roam around different places.


Tejas Mayekar Tejas Mayekar Author

Top 5 Creative Eco-Friendly Products!

          You have probably heard about the recent earthquake of magnitude 6.8 hit Alaska. We get these kinds of news almost weekly. It' a really serious concern nowadays. That is why, scientists from all over the world are trying to invent eco friendly products. But who will use a product with NO creativity? (I bet you won't!) So, here are top 5 eco friendly products designed with creativity.

1. Hydrao Smart Shower Head.

We all like to sing, dance and relax in hot showers during cold weather. Ah, that feeling is incredible, isn't it? But at the same time, we waste a LOT of water. An average American uses 65.1 litres of water during showers. Now, this shower head flashes red light when we use water more than 50 litres. The limit can be controlled using an app which is compatible with Android and iOS devices. The most hilarious thing about this invention is that it does not requires battery! It generates power from the flow of water. What a great idea that is! It helped to reduce water consumption during showers by 25% . Pretty handy right? This shower head will be out in the market next year which would cost around $99.

(Image credit : wired.co.uk)

2. Sprout Pencil with a Seed.

This is a pencil with a seed! (Sounds like a burger with milk right?!) Jokes apart, It's really going to help to increase tree plantation. It consists of a black coloured capsule (with a seed inside) at the end of the pencil. After the 90% use of the pencil you can sow it. Coloured pencils are also available if you prefer those. A variety of seeds are available such as sunflower, basil, mint, lavender, sage, thyme, cherry tomato, green pepper, marigold.etc Check out Sprout Pencil on Amazon. 

(Image credits: sprout.com)

3. Mobile Cases Made From Pure Wood.

Looking for a good looking, strong and incredibly creative case for your smartphone? You definitely need to check out Carved Wood Mobile cases. These cases are made with wood. You can even design your own mobile case. These cases look pretty stunning. When we hold our mobile in hand with the back cover, It feels really smooth. This company also ships their product worldwide. Come on now, check out this jaw-dropping mobile cases! 

4. Solar Motorbike.

This invention is a great example of engineering with a creative twist. It was invented by final year mechanical engineering students from S.A Engineering College, Chennai, India. It runs on solar energy. The solar power is converted into electricity that charges the battery. On charging the solar panel for five hours, it runs the bike for 35 kms at a speed of 45 kmph. The bike does not require human intervention in switching ON and OFF of the charging module which is completely automated and controlled by the microprocessor. Well, we certainly need this kind of inventions in our daily use.

5. Eco-Friendly Strawberry Folding Bags.

Going out for buying something? Don't buy plastic carry bags! As we all know it takes 100 years to get decompose in the soil. The use of plastic bags is also banned in some countries like India. Why not try something Eco-Friendly and stylish bags? These stylish bags are really cheap and available worldwide. You can also fold them in a shape of starberry when not in use. If you are looking for a stylish eco friendly product, this is it! Get one before it solds out!
Let's make use of these products and live a green life!
Have a Creative Day!

Tejas Mayekar Tejas Mayekar Author

The Most Creative Ways to Kill Time in Classrooms.

            Just imagine, you're sitting in boring lecture with a bunch of books around and you are not allowed to use your smartphone or laptop. The trigonometric functions are flying off your head and you are constantly thinking - 'How do the hell I pass time?' Well, here is the answer!

# Play Note-Book Games.

One of the most fascinating way to pass time is to play games. I mean who doesn't likes to play games? So, here I've listed some cool games that can be played with a notebook and pencil/pen.

(Image credits: theotherpress.ca) 

1. Notebook-Football : 

This is one of my favourite game. It's a multiplayer game so, make sure your friend is also accompanying you. Now for the game, open a clean page of your notebook, grab a pencil and you're ready for the Kick Off. 

Game Details :

+ Requirements : Notebook page, pencil.

+ Number of players : 2

+ How to play :

1) Take a clean page of your notebook. Draw two goal posts of the same size.

2) Make a scoreboard inside the margin of the paper. Write the names of the two teams. Fix the position of the 11 players of each team on the paper. Don't forget to label them as 'A' and 'B' to avoid confusion. Your playground is ready to rock!

3) Now to start the game, take a pencil (Make sure it's NOT too much sharpened) Put your pencil on the 'dot-players' (It should be upside down) and place your finger on the pencil. Point towards the player you want to pass.

4) Apply some pressure on the pencil and it should slip leaving behind a line pointing towards that player. If the line is pointing toward some other player then it's your opponent's turn to kick the ball.

5) By passing try to kick the 'ball' in the goal. The player with highest goal wins.                         

2. Pen Fight :

It is a wonderful game that can be played between two or more players. Clear everything on the bench, take out your pens (Make sure It's ink is not leaking) place your pens on the bench. You're all set to begin with your very first pen fight. Your goal is to knock the other people's pen out off the bench. "Gotta knock 'em all!"

Bonus Tips : 1) Use a heavy pen while playing Pen Fight. 
                     2) Always try to hit the middle part and the lower part of pen.
                     3) Try to hit other pens as hard as possible.

(Image credits: wikihow.com)

# Scribble something.

You have done this no matter how studious you are! Let's be more creative while you scribble something. Many people just draw a smiley face but what are some other things you can do with a pencil, paper and a messed up mind? I've listed some of the things below. Take out sharpened pencils and get ready!

(Image credits: pinterest.com)

1. Try to draw emojis.

We all use emojis while texting but how well can you draw them? I've personally done this many times and trust me, time just runs like Usain Bolt. You can also use these emojis while passing note to others. It is more creative you know!

2. Give a shot to 'The X-Puzzle'

You think you're genius enough to solve this X-Puzzle? Alrighty, go for it! You have to draw a figure as shown in the picture. Seems like a piece of burger right?
Rules : 1) You cannot lift your pen/pencil once you start to draw.
             2) You cannot scribble on the same line again.

3. Make comics.

"We all have an artist hidden inside us." Wake that artist up by creating a comic. It's a never-ending fun. You can also pass your comics to your pals and have a good laugh with them. Writing a comic is a really fun way to kill time.

Not sure about the story of the comic? Here are some ideas.
1. Got a crush? Imagine what would happen if you both start dating.
2. Knock knock comics. (You cannot beat the classics!) 

(Image credits: quotesgram.com)

# Write down song lyric.

Love to listen songs? You'll also love to write one. Think for a bit and start writing a song lyric. Who knows you might be the next Eminem! It is really fun to do instead of scratching head in the a Math class.
Not aware how to write one? Read this Superb Article by Robin Frederick.

I think you have realized that it is a piece of cake to kill time during lectures. However, do not forget to cover up your studies on time unless you want to get in trouble during final exams.

Want to get notified about my new blog posts? Hit that like button for facebook!
Have a Creative Day!

Tejas Mayekar Tejas Mayekar Author

How To Be Creative While Texting Someone?

          'Texting' - One of the most common thing that everybody enjoy. But nobody wants to sound like a 'grandpa' while texting, right? Now, grab some chips and a drink, sit back and enjoy this article.

# Starting a conversation with a pinch of Creativity...

To kick off a conversation don't just put up some rotten words like 'hey', 'hi'. Start using creative words like 'Howdy!', 'Yo!', 'Greetings' with a smiley emoji. These words will indicate that a 'Creative Conversation Storm' is incoming. Don't forget to send 'What's shakin'?' along with it.
(Image credit: techlicious.com)

You can also try saying hello in some other languages. Here are some examples -
1. Namaste (In Hindi)
2. Ciao (Italian)
3. Konnichiwa (Japanese)

# Asking questions...

It's pretty much obvious that you have to ask a series of questions to keep conversations flying. Do NOT ask questions like - 'How are you?' (Only if you haven't met that person since months/years) Ask questions like 'What TV shows are you currently watching?' Or 'What book are you reading?'. Choose different types of questions according to that person's interest. Remember, do not ask many questions at a single time. Do reserve some creative questions for afterwards.

I have listed some of the creative questions -
1. How was today different than yesterday?
2. What’s the luckiest thing that’s ever happened to you?
3. What's the most secrete skill you have?

(Image credit: alphacoders.com)

# Answering questions creatively...

Avoid replies like yes/no/don't know. I mean c'mon! You're a human with brain that weighs 3 pounds! That does not mean you will write a whole paragraph to answer each question. The length of your answer should be 'medium'. Make use of your thinking power for couple of seconds while answering the question.  
Here are some examples of creative replies. 

  Q.) How are you?
  ~ Cool as cucumber!
  ~ Super duper!
  ~ Upright and still breathing.

  Q.) How is weather there?
   If sunny ~ Hot like you.
   If cold   ~ Freezing cold.

  Q.) How was your day?
  ~  What's one word you'd use to describe today?

# Asking the person to hang out with you...

Now, it's a little difficult to be creative while asking someone out but hey, don't forget the weight of your brain! To ask a person out, be confident. If you're texting a girl then text her like 'The weather looks good for a princess to hang out with her prince.' (Sounds romantic right?) If you're too shy to be 'that' much creative, simply text 'The weather looks quite beautiful as you. Let's hang out!' To ask a guy out simply replace princess with prince and vice versa.

(Image credit: allpix.com)

# Wishing Happy Birthday creatively...

Birthdays are the occasion that almost every human being looks forward to. Therefore, texting a simple 'happy birthday!' won't make them feel very happy. Try to be more creative. To wish with a creative punch, you can text something like - May the best of your past be the worst of your future. Happy Birthday!" Along with a cake emoji. 

# Some Creative Ways to Apologize..

Every human being makes mistake which is why the word - 'Sorry' was invented. But sometimes, it just does not works out.
No worries anymore! Check out these creative ways to say sorry -
1. "I'm sorry is just an another way to say I love you! That's why..I'm sorry!"
2. "Roses are red,
     Violets are blue,
     You know I'm always sorry,
     When I hurt you!"
3. "Do you know a diamond costs $1400 per carat. Well, forgiving me is absolutely free! Sorry!"

                                       Love, Heart, Sorry, Excuse Me, I'M Sorry, Hand, Filler

# Ending a conversation with a creative twist...

A bunch of people text 'ttyl' (Talk to you later) to hang up a conversation. Well, most of the people (including me) hate this little slang. You can say something like - "It was great talking with you, see you later." Or "Let's save up for our next conversation. Good bye!" 

(Image credit: flickr.com)

It's super 'Che-easy' to be creative while texting. Don't be shy to try these tips out. If you liked the post please share it with your loved ones! Also us give a big thumbs up on Facebook.
Have a Creative Day!
Tejas Mayekar Tejas Mayekar Author

What Will Creativity Be Like In 100 Years?

          What are the basic needs of human being in 2016? Food, shelter, clothes, education, internet and creativity. Yep, that's right! Creativity is our basic need in today's modern world. Just take a look around you. The interior of your house, the designs on your clothes, even the spects you're wearing! It's also manufactured with a little creativity.  Now, one question arises, what will creativity be like in 100 years?
         Creativity is just like fashion, it changes with time. Take a look back in 1916's clothings, electronic devices.etc It's undoubtedly hard to imagine creativity variation in any field after 100 years. But, with help of following points, you'll get an idea about creativity in the year 2116.

# Almost everything will go virtual.

It's pretty much obvious that technology will be developed to a greater extent after 100 years as compared to today. Thus, artists are likely to use electronic products to express their creativity. A good example is iPad pro with iPencil (which is present today). In 2116, we will mostly try to use less paper. So, yeah we could imagine our future with 'Virtual Creativity'.

(Image credits : entrepreneurs.com)

# Creativity in movies and advertisements.

Try to watch any movie from 1916 and compare it with new generation movies. You'll clearly see a huge difference between them. The effects, the clarity, audio.etc will be better in new movies. Take a look at the advertisements in news paper, radio, TV.etc it gets creative and more creative with time. It doesn't means that people from 1916's were not creative. They were. But, as time goes by humans got better ideas than before by learning from their own mistakes. That's how creativity improves with time. So, I think we can expect some brilliant movies with spectacular effects in 2116. 
(Image credits - georgehurrel.com)

# More Awesomeness in Architecture.

There are loads of good examples of architecture right now such as The Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal.etc but brace yourself to see some more creativity in modern towers. They will be loaded with creativity along with the latest technology. (Just like a pizza loaded with a lot of cheese.) "Ahem" Who knows? After 100 years, we might find another metal which has better durability and it is also light in weight. If it happens, then obviously it will replace metals which are currently in use. The modern towers will be earthquake proof making it much safer. This technology was originally developed by Japan.
(Image credits : wildchina.com)

# Hybrid Fruits and flowers.

This is one of the most exciting and wonderful thing from the year 2116. We will probably able to see new species with a punch of creativity. Fruits will be even tastier with different colours and shapes. Flowers will be more beautiful with a sweet fragrance (At least that's what I think.) All these things are dependent upon the progress in bio technology. Nowadays, you can also see 'cubic shaped watermelons'. They have the same taste also their transportation becomes much easier and saves a lot of money.
(Image credits: Flickr.com)

# A twist of Creativity in Engineering.

New smartphones, smart TV's are getting thinner and more thinner with time. Until 2116 we might even get a smartphone which you can roll and put it in your pocket. I've heard that scientists have invented a TV that can be folded without an issue. That's what happens when creativity meets perfect engineering. The design of mobile phones looks quite premium now a days.

(Image credits : LG display)

# Upgraded version of currency notes and coins.

That's quite obvious after 100 years most of countries will redesign their respective currency bills with a touch of creativity as always. Not to mention about coins, they will be updated as well. Sounds cool right?
(Image credits : bhmpics.com)

That's it for the year 2116. Now let's focus back on 2016.
Have a Creative Day!
Tejas Mayekar Tejas Mayekar Author

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Albert Einstein.

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